First time use


Instructions for using the Sierra Horse Halter for the first time

  1. Place the neck pressure rope over the horse’s head. Fit the halter on the head as you would a traditional rope halter. Now slide the neck pressure rope at least half way down the neck.

  2. Connect a strong lead rope to the neck pressure rope loop  and wrap it around a stout post or tie rack that can handle your horses weight. It is important to not solidly tie a horse, but simply wrap the rope around a solid anchor. Solidly tying a horse can be dangerous if unfavorable situations occur. Make sure the anchor point is not sharp as excessive friction will cut the rope. Ask an assistant to hold the tail of the rope. To ensure safety, it is recommended this person is safely behind a barrier.

  3. Pull on the lead rope until the horse’s nose is being pulled toward his chest. Let him feel the pressure that happens when he pulls back. Release when he stands calmly. If excessive pulling occurs you can release the rope to calm him down, but it is important to finish the exercise for the desired results.

  4. Continue pulling several times, keeping the Neck Pressure Rope low on its neck. When he stands respectfully or steps or steps forward in the moment that you pull the rope, this is a sign of acceptance and cooperation.

  5. Once this acceptance becomes a repeated behavior you can continue with more advanced training and activities. At this point, tighten the rope only when the horse does not cooperate.

  6. When the horse is being conditioned, the person holding the rope can feed rope, tighten, or even let go if the horse gets in a dangerous situation. Never tie a horse solid until he has been conditioned to the Sierra Horse Halter and he is under control.