The Sierra Horse Halter is a trust building tool, giving owners back the control of their horses in a new , effective and painless way. The Sierra Horse Halter brings horse care into the 21st century, leaving behind the days of twitches, numbing injections, and harmful practices. In its place, it offers a progressive methodology implementing equine psychology and behavior to produce an enjoyable, cooperative, and trust building experience for both horse and handler.


Our Story

The Sierra Horse Halter was developed out of necessity. From a 400 horse program to developing a new training technique, the story of how this amazing tool came to be is sure to excite!

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Where Can I Buy a Sierra Horse Halter?

The Sierra Horse Halter is available through It is offered in a variety of sizes to suit your specific horses needs. For special orders, requests, and inquires you can also contact us directly through our contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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How do I use it?

The Sierra Horse Halter is the culmination of generations of horse training experience, necessity, and equine behavioral studies. Through leveraging a horses natural behavior, we have developed a tool to communicate with them in a language that they understand.

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We are not just a product, We are a service

With the Sierra Horse Halter you have access to a vast pool of knowledge and expertise, including Alberto Sierra himself. Contact us with any questions or comments and we will be back to you promptly!


The Sierra Horse Halter is more than a harness to lead your horse. It is a tool that empowers you to communicate with your horse on a level that they understand.

— Alberto Sierra


Why Does it Work?

The Sierra Horse Halter implements the relief of pressure technique in order to communicate with your horse in a language in a way that they understand.